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What is it?

Sexual Aphrodisiac is an herb blended with tobacco to perfection.

In Plain Language;

        Found in India as a rare high bread saffron crocus herb, located thousands of miles from major trade centers.  Our staff has contracted with the only known  person to have the secret formula, an old woman practiced in the art of HOW TO PREPARE IT AND USE IT for the most gratifying results.  She has agreed to prepare this herb exclusively for SA Power’s Sexual Aphrodisiac as long as it is available as sources are limited.  The blend is inhaled for a very fast uptake to produce mind bending orgasms wave after wave.

       The result; women are unlocking that hidden place of pleasure using our secret formula.  Talked about but rarely found.  Over 90% of woman have never before experienced.  Orgasm after orgasm for real leading to an unbelievable but true full body experience of explosive ecstasy.  Some call it orgasmic squirting.

        Woman experiencing it call it unbelievable. With this exciting new sexual aphrodisiac extracted from a little known herb found in India. Within minutes a warmth takes woman to a place of desire, unapologetic desire for a sexual fulfillment leading to an experience that will unlock that secret orgasm so powerful she will never be the same.

Sexual Aphrodisiac contains tobacco which contains nicotine in its  secret blend to enhance a mind bending orgasm.

      Sexual Aphrodisiac is blended with tobacco inhaled as snuff that provides all the benefits without the potentially lethal effects of the tar and toxic gases contained in cigarettes. And you can enjoy it without risking the health and comfort of those around you too – there is no such thing as second-hand snuff.  

      “People smoke for the nicotine – but it’s not the nicotine, it’s the tar and toxic gases that kill them.”Smoking is the nation’s single greatest cause of disease and death. If you smoke tobacco, perhaps it is time to consider switching to Sexual Aphrodisiac  and get the best of both worlds.

     Lancet 1980 Mar 1;1(8166):474-5.; (UK Medical Journal) says:“Switching from cigarettes to snuff could have enormous health benefits. Although some problems could arise from continued absorption of nicotine and local nasal irritation in heavy users, the absence of tar and gases such as carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and many other toxic combustion products, would virtually eliminate smoking-related cancer, bronchitis, and possibly heart disease. Also, snuff does not contaminate the atmosphere for non-users. Our findings suggest that a new age for snuff is a feasible alternative to cigarette smoking. Snuff could save more lives and avoid more ill-health than any other preventive measure likely to be available to developed nations well into the 21st century.”

     Another study conducted by Prof. Dr. Eberhard Greiser, Director of the Bremer Institute for Prevention Research and Social Medicine, in Germany concluded that “snuff on its own does not pose a cancer risk”. Having said that, in the United States there has been very little study of long-term use of, specifically, nasal snuff. However, the Surgeon General of the United States has been the nation’s leading spokesperson on matters of public health since 1871. A report on smokeless tobacco product use and health was published in 1986. For more information on the Surgeon General reports related to tobacco use, please visit the  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) To access all Surgeon General reports, please visit the National Library of Medicine website and click on the full list of reports.

     We encourage you to do your own research.

Sexual Aphrodisiac is blended with tobacco and contains nicotine. Nicotine is addictive. If you are addicted to nicotine, you should not use Sexual Aphrodisiac, or any other form of tobacco.

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Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is sexual aphrodisiac?

sexual  aphrodisiac is a product compound made with carefully selected herbs that help produce body orgasm.

2. Why is sexual aphrodisiac a premium product?

Our product is a premium herbal compound.  We use a rare version of Crocus sativus found only in India. ( click here)

3. When I place my order, how will i get my item?

We use Fedex, EMS, DHL services exclusively. We provide tracking details to where ever possible. Customer service will verify with you.

4. Is Sexual Aphrodisiac an illegal steroid or drug?

No. S.A’s compound is a tested and certified product with ref. FDB/0B/AH3.

5. Can I place order and have it delivered the next day? If not, then when?

We use Fedex one business day delivery subject to location, weekend orders and product availability. please check for availability on our product page before ordering.

6. How often will I use your amazing product?

200mg will normally work it’s magic for average women’s full body orgasm. Each women’s size  and weight is a consideration.  Add or subtract a little till it’s just right for you.  5 grams is said to last you for weeks depending on your sexual satisfaction.

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